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The MoneySpinner®

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Floor-standing collection unit with curved inner disk for coins to spin round before dropping into secured base

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The MoneySpinner® Collecting Unit

Coins inserted in the dome run down a track and are projected onto a curved dish, eventually dropping through a central hole into the coin container.

The MoneySpinner® is secure and immensely strong and can be supplied in a range of bright colours (Blue, Yellow, Green and Red).

Supplied fitted with labels (3), lock and eye-bolt for security chain.

Your appeal message is wrapped around the top of the coin container with additional space for a bottom label around the base for further information.


The MoneySpinner® has been in service for many years with a number of major charities worldwide with exceptionally high returns reported. Site the MoneySpinner® in reception areas, shopping precincts, supermarkets, garage forecourts, banks, theme parks etc – anywhere there is busy pedestrian traffic

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