Here’s a few answers to our most common questions

What is the Estimated lead time from order to delivery?

Our estimated delivery times are dependent on the product and quantity ordered. For stock orders we estimate as 24 – 48 hours after receipt of payment. For large stock orders and print orders (orders which require labels, artwork etc) we quote 1-2 weeks from receipt of payment. For floor standing units and larger print orders we quote 2-4 weeks. However, this is a estimated guide and we endeavour to dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

Can you please empty the box when full?

We manufacture the charity boxes, however it is the charity/organisation’s responsibility to ensure the donations are collected. If you require the charity box to be emptied please contact the charity directly, unfortunately we are unable to give out contact details for confidentiality.

Will I be charged VAT?

If you are a registered charity you will not be charged VAT on the collecting boxes and devices. VAT is charged when ordering labels and additional extras separately.

How are the boxes opened and closed?

Polybox Handboxes® and Conventionals® are designed to be sealed only with Angal Patented Ringseals®. Angal Polybox Ringseals® are printed on lightweight, tamper-evident paper and coated with a special adhesive. This unique seal, incorporating Security Slits® for added protection, has been developed with charities over many years and is designed to comply with the law that requires boxes for public charitable collections to be properly labeled, numbered and sealed.

Polybox Ringseals® and all other Angal products are produced to a high standard, under strict quality control, and safeguard the interests of all fundraiser’s by providing a universal guarantee of a consistent and effective seal to all Angal Collecting Boxes.For security reasons, Angal Boxes are not designed to be easy to open, but they are made of extremely tough material which is unlikely to be damaged by firm and positive action in following these instructions:

  • Slit Ringseal® all round edge of plug (as the broken line indicates)
  • Insert a suitable strong leaver ( a wide-bladed screwdriver for example) in the gap at the edge of plug: if a funnel plug, opposite to the small narrow mark seen within the top of the funnel.
  • Push down lever toward the upper body of the plug and lever plug upwards. Resistance will be encountered but the plug will pop out. Never insert the lever into the funnel or slot.
  • After Removing the contents, press plug back into the hole.
  • Apply new Ringseal®, aligning message as appropriate. the identity sticker (supplied free as part of the Ringseal®) should always be used: filled in on the sheet & stuck on the side of the box.
  • Ensure the Ringseal® is firmly stuck by pressing down all round the edges. Then whilst pressing down immediately either side of the string hole using the index and middle fingers, hold the string in the other hand (2-3 inches above the hole) and pull the string firmly towards the centre of the box. This will relieve the string around the hole and once again press firmly down around the hole. Repeat for the other hole.

If first Ringseal® is well rubbed down, subsequent Ringseals® can be stuck on top and removed en bloc only as necessary, Stubborn fragments can be left.

Cutter Trace/Artwork:

Cutter Trace: After payment is received you will be able to download the cutter trace to enable you to forward print ready artwork. The forwarded finished design should be set as a high resolution PDF or EPS file to enable us to produce the best quality labels for you.

Can’t open cutter trace: The file is not designed to be opened on its own, but placed within whichever design package is being used. For instance, should this be Adobe, save the cutter trace to a file on your computer, open Adobe and select the file tab followed by the option ‘place’. This option then opens with a browse box which allows you to select the file saved (the cutter trace), which in turn then opens ready for the designer to place the images within the appropriate guidelines. If you have any further issues please email us at [email protected]

What should be on the artwork: The artwork can feature any items you would like, however we do suggest you include your logo, description or tag line of the charity/organisation and a registered charity number if applicable.