Flatfolding Homeboxes

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Available unprinted, with a label or printed and available in various shapes and styles.

Standard Box Sizes and Shapes:

'A' - 101 x 64 x 64mm with 'Trapezoid' Header

'B' - 140 x 70 x 49mm with 'Arc' Header

'C' - 120 x 63 x 63mm with same size header

'E' - As (A) with same size rectangular header

'G' - As (B) with 70 x 140mm rectangular header

'OB' - 60 x 60 x 125mm OBLONG - NO HEADER

'S' - 40 x 60 x105mm with 50 x 105mm Header - Fits C5 envelope

'Cube' - 75mm cube (no header)


Non Standard Box Sizes and Shapes:

'BT' - As (B) above 140 x 70 x 49mm with 'Arc' header but with special locking tabs

'J' - 70 x 70 x 108mm with same size rectangle header

'H' - Partial pyramid shape

'HOUSE' - 65 x 65 x 100mm - House shaped

'PEN' - 90 x 190 x 60mm - Penalty box

'TALL' - 200(h) x 90 x 90mm - Tall sloping top box

These flat folding home boxes are perfect for those campaigns that require fundraising packs to be posted out to fundraisers/volunteers - being able to fold flat they are easy to distribute and store.

Flat Folding Home boxes
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