Polybox Handbox® Label and Chain Kit


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'Ready for Use' product - Handheld/counter charity collection unit with chain and label fitted. This product comes 'Ready for Use' with a wraparound label, security Ringseal and security chain all fitted for free enabling any budding fundraiser to go straight out to begin collecting funds. This saves staff members and volunteers precious time and ensures their fundraising material is finished to a high standard
This 'Ready for Use' product is supplied with all necessary elements attached for fundraisers to go straight out in the field and start collecting donations. If time and resources are tight, this product saves on both. With the label, security Ringseal and security chain attached, you can rest assured that this product goes out secured and at the highest standard. This product is most suitable for campaigns that require a collection box to be used as a 'handheld' unit but can also be secured to a countertop/desk. With a security chain fitted, these collection boxes can be secured to any point reducing the risk of theft.

This kit is made up of:

1 x Polybox Handbox®

1 x Tamper-proof Ringseal - fitted

1 x Security chain - fitted

1 x Wraparound label - fitted

Sleeved in polybag ready for use
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