Contactless donations are finally here

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We have partnered with Thyngs to provide a simple cashless donation solution that generates additional income for voluntary organisations.

This new era in charity collecting boxes enables charities to:

  • Take advantage of contactless and mobile payment growth without a large investment
  • Collect Gift Aid and contact details
  • Engage donors with extra information
  • See who is giving, where and when - in real time
  • All using familiar collecting boxes, shops, venues and even staff.

Our new partners

To make all of this happen we have partnered with Thyngs, an innovative mobile technology platform that makes it easy and cost-effective for any organisation to create proximity-based marketing and payment services by connecting physical objects to mobile content, with access to real-time interaction data.

Thyngs special stickers are now being applied to all of Angal's collecting boxes, transforming them into a secure cashless donation point that makes them even more effective. They even allow donors to choose the amount they give, make Gift Aid declarations and provide their contact details.

How does it work?

  • You can now add Thyngs stickers to any of your Angal ready-to-use collecting boxes.
  • Supporters can then simply tap or scan the object with their smartphone to donate, volunteer or get more information.
  • The donation then gets transferred directly to the charity's bank account.
  • Charities reclaim Gift Aid from HMRC as part of their normal annual submission.

Contactless donations

What are the benefits for you as a charity?

  • generate additional income from the growing volume of cashless donations
  • Collect Gift Aid on cashless donations
  • Obtain contact details from donors
  • Simple, user-friendly donor experience
  • provide charity information straight to the donor's mobile
  • Remotely monitor performance of boxes
  • Affordable, low risk and future-proof
  • Payments made direct to bank accounts.

How can you make a cashless donation?

Making cashless donations couldn't be quicker or easier.

Thyngs/Angal Cashless Collection Boxes from Thyngs on Vimeo.

Want to find out more about our cashless collection boxes? Just get in touch!