Collection containers remain at forefront of ethical fundraising

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Despite recent scandals around data protection and poor practice in fundraising, one thing stands out above all others and that is the continued generosity of the public.

With fundraisers under increased pressure to act ethically, allowing young and old to donate their small change to their favourite charity, still forms the basis of any good fundraising campaign.

Collection Containers

We have been serving the charity sector for more than 50 years. With a range of high quality British made products, and a variety of designs, sizes and colours, we can meet the needs of any charity. Whether it be the standard low-cost hand-held collection box for use in street and door-to-door collections, the more substantial desktop wedge for counter tops in retail and catering situations, cardboard home collection boxes, or a floor standing unit for hotel foyers and large footfall areas, we can supply it all.

Each Angal product encourages the public to make a cash donation, whilst at the same time, the personalised high-quality printing and labelling puts the charity’s message right in front of their target audience. Recent changes by HMRC also now allow charities to claim Gift Aid on these regular, small, unknown donations.

New Managing Director

Lee Woodford, has recently been appointed managing director of Angal. He has been with the company for more than 15 years and knows the sector inside out. His passion always stood out and his hard work and dedication lead him to grow within the company.

Lee says: “Angal has been providing UK charities, both large and small, with fundraising products for many years. With the introduction of our online shop at www.angal.co.uk charities can purchase any number of items from stock and personalise them by using our in-house design and print facility.”

He went on to say: “In addition to the small collection containers we have put some of our larger items, such as secure collection buckets, towers, spinners and globes, online and these are proving really popular.”

Alongside this we also produce bespoke items of any size, from dogs and bears to lifeboats or counter top units. More recently, we are working with others to produce contactless options. This will give the public a choice of cash or card and keep ethical public donations at the forefront of charity fundraising well into the future.

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