A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

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Whether you’re a first time or an experienced fundraiser, sometimes you just need a little bit of extra inspiration. Of course, Angal are here to help! We’ve put together an A-Z of fundraising ideas so you’ll never find yourself short of choice.

A is for Abseil

Starting at the top (literally), if you are feeling ambitious why not kick off your fundraising with an abseil? It will take some guts but it’s one that’s sure to drum up some interest.

B is for Bake Sale

Mary Berry eat your heart out! Get your aprons on and bake your way to brilliance. This may be a traditional fundraiser that many have done before but everyone loves cake and it really does works. Run the event at work, at school, or even at home. Just remember to have fun and don’t eat all of the produce.

C is for Car Wash

It’s time to get your hands dirty and those cars clean as a whistle. A charity car wash is the perfect fundraiser for the spring/summer months.

D is for Disco

Find the perfect space, find the perfect music, find people that are willing to dance all night long and you’ve got yourself a charity disco. Charge a small entry fee and you could make some money for your favourite charity. Dancers could also get themselves sponsored to hit the dancefloor.

E is for Egg and Spoon Race

Don’t just stop at an egg and spoon race, why not bring back the traditional School Sports Day: sack race, relay and three-legged race? People will love feeling nostalgic and active.

F is for Fancy Dress

Whoever said fancy dress is just for Halloween? This is the perfect way to raise money at school or work. Get everyone to pay a small donation to come into work/school in fancy dress for the day, rather than their normal professional attire. It could get embarrassing but that’s what it’s all about.

G is for Giving something Up

Have you got something that you don’t think you’d ever be able to give up? Computer games or perhaps chocolate? Maybe this is the perfect time to challenge yourself. Get friends, family and colleagues to donate money for you to give up something significant. Tough, but worth it.

H is for Head Shave

We know a lot of people will probably just scroll straight past this one... we don’t blame you. However, this could be a way to make a significant impact and we are sure that people would donate as it’s a brave thing to do for charity.

I is for Ice Cream Eating

We had a few ideas but this one was by far the tastiest. The thought here is to buy huge tubs of ice cream and sell them by the scoop on a hot day, because who doesn’t want an ice cream in the summer sun? You could even go one further and make homemade ice cream.

J is for Jumble Sale

An excellent excuse to sort out your clutter and find a loving new home for your items, you can host a classic American style jumble sale. Either advertise online or set yourself up at a local event. Spare change from buyers will add up for a good cause.

K is for Karaoke Night

Warm up those vocal chords, it’s time to raise some money through the medium of song. Love it or hate it our fundraisers have proven it’s a great way to raise money and be in the spotlight.

L is for Limbo Competition

This is one that could get very competitive but equally be just as much fun. Get everyone in the office or down the pub to pay £1 to enter the competition and the winner gets a free drink.

M is for Marathon

Before you skip straight past this one, it doesn’t necessarily mean running. If you are a keen runner there is nothing stopping you running a marathon for charity, this is a popular fundraiser that always gets a lot of engagement. However, others have taken on marathon DJ sets and dance days. This one allows you to get creative and do something you love.

N is for Name the Teddy

This easy guessing game always gets people’s brains whirring. Charge per entry and whoever wins gets to keep the teddy. Simple but effective.

O is for Obstacle Course

Create the ultimate obstacle course to raise money for your chosen charity. Make it as easy or as difficult as you want to but whatever you do make sure it’s fun and you get involved. Why not arrange teams to take part?

P is for Press-Up Challenge

There is always that one person in the office who thinks they can do more press-ups than everyone else. Put them to the test, get everyone involved and collect bets on who will win.

Q is for Quiz Night

The pub, the village hall, local sports centre are all suitable venues for a quiz night. Come up with a range of relevant and challenging questions and get creative with some different rounds. Encourage people to get teams together and donate to enter. Oh and unusual team names are a must, always a laugh.

R is for Raffle

A raffle always goes down a treat at an event. All you need to do is charge a donation fee for tickets and decide on a prize for the winner. Simple but it always helps charities and is fun for everyone taking part.

S is for Skydive

Despite the obvious fear factor, skydives are one of the most popular fundraising activities. Feeling brave? Give it a go.

Alternatively you could do a Sponsored Silence. If you’re a chatterbox give your friends, family and colleagues a break trying to be silent. Although you need to be silent during the fundraiser, don’t forget to shout about the cause before and after the event.

T is for Treasure Hunt

Pay to enter and get some ‘gold’ at the end. You could even make it fancy dress to spice things up a bit.

U is for Uniform Free Day

Another great fundraiser for the office or at school. Get students or colleagues to donate to relax for the day with a dressdown rule for the day.

V is for Variety Show

Put on a variety show with comedians, musicians etc and charge people a small amount to come and watch. If you get a lot of people involved, it won’t be too much work to organise as everyone can pitch in.

W is for Walk

A charity walk is something loads of people are always keen to get involved with. Whether you want to walk 600 miles or just 5k, the aim of the game is to raise as much money as you can for a worthy cause and get active at the same time. Shake things up a bit and involve fancy dress or even props.

X is for Xmas Hampers

Make up your own xmas hampers including food, drink, toys and various gifts and sell them, donating all proceeds to a charity of your choice. The only con to this is that it is purely seasonal, however that’s not to say it can’t be adapted for other occasions, such as Easter.

Y is for Yes Day

Get sponsored to say "yes" to everything for a day. Why not get your boss to take part?

Z is for Zumbathon

Zumba until you can’t Zumba any more! Get sponsored to take part in a Zumbathon that could involve wearing all pink or even being in a swimming pool. Ready to feel the rhythm?
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