Top 5 fundraising ideas of 2016

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Last year saw the Ice Bucket Challenge with people dousing themselves with ice cold water to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association. This raised millions and this money has helped fund a breakthrough in research into Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) and experts are hopeful it could lead to new treatments in future.

We have not seen such a high profile campaign again this year or one that’s raised as much as that one did, but there have been some great ones in 2016 so here are five of our favourites:


Possibly the most innovative campaign this year was the LEGO Durham Cathedral build. To raise much needed funds for the cathedral, people bought LEGO bricks at £1 each to gradually build a model of the cathedral to go on display. This won the hearts of visitors who contributed, companies who wanted to sponsor sections of the build and schools who joined in as part of an educational session. The finished cathedral does look fantastic and they hit their fundraising target of £300,000.


September 2016 saw two campaigns which harnessed the power of digital to help fundraise. The new £5 note was launched and a corporate fundraising consultant, John Thompson, decided to donate his first one to charity and ran a poll on Twitter to see if others would do the same, using the hashtag #firstfiver. People quickly picked up on his suggestion and many started tweeting pictures of their £5 and who they were donating it to; charities saw the trend and started their own campaigns to ask for people’s first fivers. This campaign saw lots of donations to lots of different charities as people picked the one closest to their heart. Three months later, it still seems to be going strong looking at Twitter.


In the same month, The British Heart Foundation ran their #mymarathon campaign, encouraging people to sign up to do a marathon - in their own time and in their own way over the course of the month. If you completed the 26.2 miles in 30 days then you could print a certificate for your achievement. The British Heart Foundation raised funds through people’s sponsorship and donations. To date, 9609 people have completed 53,232 miles and not only raised funds but also kept themselves healthy through the campaign.

Giving Tuesday

Black Friday is all about buying items but this is now followed by Giving Tuesday which is all about giving back. 2016 has seen the most successful year for Giving Tuesday with the Charities Aid Foundation seeing a 75% increase in new charity accounts being opened and a spike in donations over the month. 4.5 million people in Britain supported the date by donating, fundraising or volunteering their time for charities of their choice.

Giving Tuesday

Kits 4 Calais

The refugee situation in Calais was one of this years most reported stories except it wasn’t a story, it was actually happening. Many of the people in the camp were in need of clothes, shoes, blankets and tents. Kits 4 Calais was started by Lord Bassam of Brighton who appealed to football clubs and fans to donate ‘kits’ in the form of clothes and to give to the UNICEF campaign to help the children in the camps. Non league clubs and clubs all the way to the premiership got involved and in June Lord Bassam, in conjunction with The Hummingbird Project, took all the donated items to the Calais camps.

We hope these campaigns have inspired you for your 2017 fundraising. Whichever fundraising campaign you decide to run, make sure you’re ready to go with easy-to-use collection kits. Here at Angal, we’ve got everything you need to get you started and make your fundraising adventure as smooth as possible. Browse our solutions now.