How can small businesses support small charities

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A few years ago Forresters produced a survey of 1,100 people from the UK, which reported that most consumers think businesses should support charities.

If given a choice between two companies that offered products and services for the same price, 82% said that their decision would be swayed depending on whether the company engaged with charities and its local community.

As well as helping out a worthy cause there are also many other benefits for small business when it comes to supporting a charity:

Better public relations

Sharing the stories of how you are helping a charity can boost your business in a lot of ways. It can demonstrate to clients and potential customers that the organisation and it’s leadership team are dedicated to charitable causes and have a positive reach in the local community.

Such responsibility is likely to result in positive coverage in the media and will have a positive effect on PR; more people will hear of your work and become familiar with your brand. Keeping your website updated with the activities will also allow visitors to the site to stay updated and aware of your business efforts.

Networking opportunities

Being part of a charity can mean you are part of a powerful network of like-minded business owners that you meet regularly for a joint cause.

Team building

When raising money together it gets employees from all different departments to work together. A shared goal or mission will create a sense of unity amongst employees and when fundraising goals are met, it’s a fantastic experience.

Getting customers involved

Getting customers involved in the process of giving to charity is a sure way to attract more business and reach out to those you work with. Perhaps donate a percentage of every product sold to charity and make this clear to your customers. Surveys have shown that many consumers would opt for one product over another if a portion of the proceeds benefited a charitable cause they care about.

Giving back is good for you

Aside from publicity and networking, a core benefit of having your business support a charity is the feeling you get from giving to others. As small business owners you tend to be energetic and talented people who were born leaders, so are well equipped with the power to make a difference.

The next step

Once you’ve made the decision, meet with your employees and find out their views on supporting a charity and if they are already affiliated with a good cause that’s close to their hearts.

Choosing the right charity is an important process and you will need to undertake research and create a strategy, especially as everyone within the team may want to support different charities for their own reasons. You also need to make sure that the charity fits with the company’s brand and values.

Once you have agreed on a charity, it’s time to start getting active and begin fundraising.

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