​Our Top 5 Christmas Fundraising Ideas

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Christmas is a time for giving and if you’re raising funds for charity, you want to ensure that your charity event raises as much as possible whilst everyone is in this spirit of giving. We know that charity Christmas singles can be tricky for smaller charities and businesses to produce so here are some more practical ideas from the team at Angal to help you with your festive fundraising:

The Christmas Fair

Many schools are in the midst of arranging their Christmas Fairs and trying to think of new and fun stalls to raise money. How about getting people to pay to play ‘pin the nose on Rudolph’ or ‘throw Santa down the chimney’ where the children have to throw a cuddly Santa down one of the cardboard chimneys that have been made and they win a small prize if they do it.

Pick a stocking of sweets off the Christmas tree for a small payment or buying a packet of ‘Reindeer Food’ made with glitter and oats are also popular with the younger ones. Adults will be tempted (asked by the kids!) to buy personalised Christmas gifts - baubles decorated to order with names written in glitter pen could be a real money spinner!

Carol Concerts

These can take time to organise but are always well attended by people looking for their musical Christmas fix. A local choir or group may be willing to sing for your charity and you can then charge an entrance fee and for mince pies and mulled wine - both of which you could ask local businesses to donate in return for some publicity that they have done this. Many towns have market squares or areas that are suitable for such an event and the Council may allow a concert to take place for charitable purposes. Donation buckets can used during the event to help maximise the amounts given.

In The Office

Many businesses fundraise at Christmas as it’s a quieter and more relaxed time of year for them. Winter themed fundraising is a popular event and many do a Christmas Jumper Day and ask staff for donations. For something a bit different you could do a Bobble Hat Day or even a Santa Suit day whilst more conservative offices could hold a Christmas Tie/Scarf Day.

A great way to raise money at work is a Christmas Raffle, asking for donations and tickets are then sold to staff to win the prizes. One of the prizes could be an extra day off which would be a popular prize with many people!


The time in-between Christmas and New Year sees many people at home and online with time on their hands, so this is a great time to fundraise. If you are a charity then ‘Donate Now’ buttons on social media can be promoted and campaigns gain more traction at this time of the year. As an individual you could do a sponsored run or outdoor swim to raise money as you’ll have people’s attention more so than at any other time!

Charities who are fundraising with keen volunteers could warp up warm and do bucket collections during the sales as this is a busy period on the high street for shoppers - an early morning collection from the queue waiting for the Next sale to start could prove profitable!

Say Thank You

Christmas is a great time to say thank you to supporters for their charitable donations - posts can be scheduled on social media for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day thanking people and showing them what their money has done this year. This may encourage them to give more, especially if you include a donation link.

What ever fundraising you are doing this Christmas, make sure you’re ready to go with easy-to-use collection kits. It’s important to use proper collection methods as although this should be a time for kindness to all men, unfortunately some opportunists use it as a time to steal. Here at Angal we’ve got everything you need to ensure your collections run smoothly and safely. Browse our solutions now.