Halloween Fundraising Ideas

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This time next month, we’ll be on the home stretch for Halloween. Getting dressed up as your favourite characters once a year is great fun, but why not make this Halloween rewarding too? With parties, trick or treating and scary office antics, it’s the perfect time to get in some easy and amusing fundraising ideas, all for a good cause!

Here are our top seven favourite ideas for you to use this year whilst you’re apple bobbing and enjoying mountains of sweets!

Fancy Dress Day

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, making it the perfect opportunity for some dress up! Asking your colleagues or students to come in wearing a spooky costume will not only make the day fun but is also great time to ask for donations.

The rules are: you have to donate to dress up! Choose a charity that is close to your heart and ask for as much or as little as each person can give. Depending on how many people are in your building or school, you could raise a lot for your chosen charity. Don’t stop there, this could just be the beginning of your fundraising day…

Bake sale

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good cupcake or brownie? Ask your colleagues or students to bring in baked and decorated goods to donate and sell them at lunchtime for 50p or a pound each. Encourage helpers to take leftover cakes round to staff rooms and classrooms with a collection box on breaks too. Every little sale counts!

Bobbing for apples

A traditional party game, bobbing for apples cannot be missed out this Halloween. Whether you’re organising this for your house party, work or even school fair, it’s reasonably inexpensive to set-up. Simply grab a big tub and fill with water, a bag of apples and bob's your uncle! Charge a small fee to those who wish to enter the competition and number your apples, handing out packets of sweets as a prize.

Guess the number - spooky style

Guessing the number of sweets in a pot is a winner for any fundraising event, all year round. Make yours even more Halloween themed by carving out a pumpkin and filling it with packets of sweets, or even chocolate eyeballs. Ask those who enter to write down their name and number guess on a simple form and give the pumpkin full of treats to the closest guess at the end of the day! The entry fee can be as low as a pound or two to raise quite a bit of money.

Pumpkin painting

If you want to appeal to younger audiences or just have a bit of artistic fun, pumpkin painting is a great idea. It involves little mess in terms of pumpkin guts and lots of creativity. Sit those who enter down at a plastic covered table and ask them to paint a pumpkin as scarily as they can. At the end of the day, choose the scariest pumpkin painter to win a prize! Again, depending on how many entrees you expect to get, you can alter the entry fee to make sure you’re raising some great money for charity.

Eerie big screen cinema

If you have the venue and the accessibility, a big screen cinema could be a hit and raise a fabulous amount of money for your charity. Put on one or two different screenings over the weekend and days leading up to Halloween and charge an entry fee. You could even include a small bag of popcorn and a drink in this fee. Then turn off the lights, start the scary film and let the fright night begin!

Ghoulish pub quiz

Pub quizzes are always a hit, so why not set up a few spooky themed charity pub quiz nights in a local hotspot with your event staff. All you need is a set entry fee per group with a collection box, some tasty drinks, a set of ghoulish questions and a quiz master. Advertise your event on your Facebook page and simply let people know what charity they’ll be raising money for. It’ll turn out to be an entertaining night for all whilst fundraising for a very good cause.


Whichever fundraising method you choose to go with, make sure you’re ready to go with easy-to-use collection kits. Here at Angal, we’ve got everything you need to get you started and make your fundraising adventure as smooth as possible. Browse our solutions now.