How to support small charities

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In 2015, the British Heart Foundation welcomed more than £147million in charitable donations by loyal supporters. In the same year, Cancer Research UK raised £40million in sponsorship income through their Race for Life events alone. But what about smaller charities? What about those that aren't as well known or those that don't have a stonking marketing budget?

The rise in smaller charities in recent years is huge; there's now a charity for every cause and for some, there's multiple organisations that are all raising money for the same reason. So how can you support those smaller charities and what's the benefit?

Do your research

A great place to discover smaller charities that need your support is the government's Charity Register. Here, you can view charities not only by their sector and cause but by their income, meaning you can see those that need a bit more help and support.

Local charities are often a good place to start; do some online research to see if there are any charities or organisations in or around your hometown that are either start-up or established but not nationally recognised and see how you can support them both financially and with your time. According to a recent study, one in three Brits can't name a local charity despite them representing around 97% of the UK's charity sector. Become familiar with what's on your doorstep as a great starting point to helping smaller organisations.

Donate your time as well as money

Smaller charities will undoubtedly appreciate any financial donation you can offer. However, time is just as precious and often, smaller organisations have less manpower to keep them going, especially at the weekends or during events. Why not volunteer your time to help a small charity at the weekends or in the evenings and make even more of a difference? Running your own fundraising event will also be a huge support: from sponsored Bake Sales at work to the local school fete or a car boot sale.

Fundraise at home or work

Go a step further than just posting a cheque or setting up a direct debit; at Angal, we have a range of at-home and in-office donation boxes that can really help kick-start your fundraising. Don't let the awareness stop with you and encourage others to join in.

Charities - why not purchase some of our flat-folding boxes to supply for fundraising at home for when friends come round or in a staff room? Our boxes come unprinted or printed, meaning you can make them either completely bespoke or decorated to support your charity and come in a range of shapes and styles.

What's the benefit?

It's been reported that more than 50% of the UK's smaller charities believe their efforts are often overshadowed by those of the bigger charities, presenting a challenge when it comes to hitting targets and raising adequate funds and awareness.

By supporting a smaller charity that perhaps is less well known, you'll be helping to overcome this adversity and playing a significant part in a charity's hard work. What's more, in smaller charities, the results from fundraising are so much more visible. There's likely less bureaucracy for the donations to go through compared to larger charities such as admin costs and marketing expenses, and you'll be able to see more clearly where your money, time and support is being spent.

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