Angal and Barlays Pingit

Posted By adminbritweb

Barclays Pingit is the UK’s first instant mobile payments app for smartphones that lets you make quick, simple and secure payments and donations without requiring traditional account details.

If you are a registered corporate charity, you could receive Gift Aid donations securely in seconds from donors with smartphones via Barclays Pingit for corporates – donate with Gift Aid. Donations are immediate, irrevocable and credited directly to your corporate current account. The service complements existing mobile payments, such as SMS donations, whilst offering a streamlined process to add Gift Aid.

Barclays Pingit can also be integrated into your existing bucket/physical collection strategy.

If you are a charity or fundraising organisation with a turnover of £5m or more, find out about how Barclays Pingit can support your digital fundraising campaigns by calling 0800 015 4242 or visiting